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Subdivisions in the City of Las Cruces

The City of Las Cruces Municipal Code provides Subdivision regulations in order to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the community.

Subdivision is the legal mechanism which is used to divide a parcel of land into two or more parts, or to eliminate or adjust lot lines between two or more parcels. Some subdivisions require the construction of streets, sidewalks and other improvements while others utilize existing infrastructure.

The City of Las Cruces provides four basic processes to subdivide land. For more details about each type click on the links below:

Alternate Summary Subdivisions: A subdivision of previously un-subdivided land consisting of no more than two lots, these small subdivisions can be approved administratively by staff without a public hearing.

Infill Subdivision Process: To qualify for this type of subdivision, the property in question must be vacant or under-utilized land in the central part of the City. The boundary of the infill area is generally bordered by Interstate 25, University Avenue, Valley Drive, and North Main Street. These subdivisions are expedited and application fees are waived. If an applicant also plans on developing the property in question, the Infill Development Process, an expedited procedure which allows variances, special use permits, and other land use issues to be addressed, may be used in conjunction. Subdivision proposals in the infill area consisting of just one or two lots may follow the Alternate Summary Process.

Major Subdivisions: A subdivision that does not meet the criteria of an alternate summary, replat, or infill subdivision is considered a major subdivision. Major subdivisions require both a preliminary plat and a final plat.

Replat Subdivisions: A subdivision of previously subdivided land. Depending on the specific situation, these subdivisions follow Alternate Summary, Infill or Major Subdivision Processes.

The Subdivision Code can be accessed through the Codes and Ordinances page.

A subdivision application can be obtained through the Forms, Applications and Fees page.