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Construction Permits and Inspections

Online Construction Permit

Click here to apply for a construction permit online.

The Consolidated Review Center helps ensure that your construction permits comply with City Design Standards and any applicable state and/or federal codes and that the necessary inspections are completed. For more detailed information on a specific construction topic click a link below or call (575) 528-3059 to speak with a Permit Technician.

Commercial Construction Process

Residential Construction Process

Demolition Process

Inspection Process

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Construction and Inspection Process

All construction drawings and associated documents must be submitted to Community Development permitting staff. They process and route the submittal to all appropriate reviewing agencies of the Consolidated Review Center for official review.

Once your project receives approval from the Consolidated Review Center, you will be issued a permit for your project.

After permit issuance, construction may begin on your project. During this phase, inspections are required to ensure that your project is in compliance with the approved plans and/or all rules and regulations governing construction.

You can request an inspection online via this page. The permittee is required to notify the Community Development Department that a work phase is ready for inspection. Inspection requests shall be filed at least one working day before the inspection is needed. The permittee has the option of submitting a request in writing, fax, telephone, e-mail, or through our website. Provide the following information and we will process your inspection request right away.

  • Contractors Name:
  • Address of Construction Site:
  • Type of Inspection:
  • Permit Number:
  • Contractor's Phone Number:

Email it to for a prompt response.

Please note that inspection requests will not be accepted if the above information is not included. No exceptions.

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