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Office of Management & Budget

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is responsible for providing City departments with fiscal planning, analysis, and management services to enable the City organization to provide City services in accordance with the policies, goals and objectives established by the City Manager and the Las Cruces City Council. The Office of Management and Budget coordinates the preparation of the City’s Operating and Capital budgets, which is the “action plan” used to implement the goals and objectives of the City Council. OMB also manages the Grants section.

With the direction provided by the City Council strategic plan, the dedication of our employees, and the support of our community, the City of Las Cruces provides the highest level of municipal services with our available resources. Once the operating budget is finalized it becomes the roadmap to providing programs and services to the community.

The Office of Management and Budget has won the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Presentation Award over multiple consecutive years due in part to OMB’s commitment to provide professional and quality services to the City of Las Cruces. The award recognizes the very highest quality in the preparation of budget documents. More information about OMB can be found in Frequently Asked Questions.

Budget Reports

The budget, as a financial plan, is the legal requirement we must meet. These documents are large and searchable PDF files. A broadband connection is recommended to download them.

FY 19 Final Budget
FY19 Budget Detailed Fund Summaries
FY 17-18 Adopted Budget
FY 16/17 Adopted Budget
FY 15/16 Adopted Budget
FY 14/15 Adopted Budget
FY 13/14 Final Budget
FY 12/13 Adopted Budget
FY 11/12 Adopted Budget
FY 10/11 Adopted Budget
FY 09/10 Adopted Budget
FY 08/09 Adopted Budget

Office of Management and Budget

700 N Main St

Third Floor, Financial Services Department

Las Cruces, NM 88001

Leeann DeMouche

Chief Budget Officer

Phone: (575) 541-2107

Fax: (575) 541-2516

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