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Community Outreach Office

The Community Outreach Office is focused on communication and outreach activities, enhancing collaborative relationships with neighborhoods, and providing support to the City’s engagement processes. The primary purpose of community engagement is to empower residents to influence City government decisions that shape their city and their quality of living in the community. Community building, outreach and education activities, and improved communication are important to the City to help constituents understand and be understood.

The Community Outreach Office, which reports to the City Manager’s Chief of Staff, comprises the Community Outreach Manager and two Community Outreach Marketing Coordinators. It is responsible for activities and information that assist residents in positively and successfully participating in and interacting with municipal government.

Community Outreach Office Services

The Community Outreach Office supports City departments in reaching out to the public to provide information and resources that benefit the community and residents of Las Cruces. The Office supports the community by assisting individual members of the public, civic organizations, neighborhood groups and community agencies in obtaining and knowing how to use important resources and information that improves the quality of living in Las Cruces. Some of those services include:

  • Increasing awareness of programs and services provided by the City;
  • Providing referrals and information to answer public inquiries;
  • Coordinating with the City Council, City Manager, and Assistant City Managers regarding constituent issues;
  • Soliciting public input through various methods, including surveys, about City services and programs for continuous improvement to all customers;
  • Cultivating positive outcomes for members of the public who report issues or problems in their neighborhoods;
  • Connecting residents to City employees in a meaningful and productive manner;
  • Increasing public awareness, engagement and participation with municipal government; and
  • Registering neighborhood groups through the City’s Neighborhood Groups program.


Neighborhood Leadership Academy
Class participants receive first-hand information about the City’s services and programs through comprehensive presentations from City department leaders and on-site field trips to various public facilities. For more information, call 575-541-2192 or email

Speakers Bureau
The Community Outreach Office offers a Speakers Bureau program that supports the Las Cruces community’s organizations by having City employees available to speak about their areas of expertise either generally or on specific issues. The Speakers Bureau program is designed to promote education and understanding. For more information, call 575-541-2192 or email

Outreach Team

The Community Outreach Manager’s responsibilities are to build strategic relationships, conduct proactive outreach activities, and ensure responsiveness to citizens on questions, issues and concerns through civic engagement, issue management and neighborhood advocacy.

Through partnerships and collaborations with City departments, external agencies, individuals and groups, the Community Outreach Marketing Coordinators are critical in communicating with residents and facilitating their involvement with the City to the fullest extent possible.

Jamey Rickman
Community Outreach Manager

Ceci Vasconcellos
Community Outreach Marketing Coordinator