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The City Attorney will discuss the Las Cruces Municipal Code, City Council agenda items or other City-related questions. However, the City Attorney is not permitted to give legal advice to citizens.

The State Bar of New Mexico has several referral services. You can call the State Bar at 1-800-876-6227, or you can go to the website at and click on the “Public” tab. New Mexico Legal Aid has a Las Cruces office which you can reach at 575-541-4800. The Third Judicial District Court of Dona Ana County has a self-help office which you can reach at 575-528-8326. In addition, Law Access New Mexico at 1-800-340-9771 provides telephone advice.

No. The District Attorney is a State of New Mexico government office which represents the State by prosecuting criminal matters in Magistrate Court and District Court. The District Attorney’s phone number is 575-524-6370.

The Public Defender’s office has lawyers employed by the State of New Mexico to represent individuals charged with crimes in Magistrate Court and District Court. The Public Defender does not handle civil lawsuits or Municipal Court cases. The Public Defender’s phone number is 575-524-6200

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