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City Hall, Third Floor
700 North Main Street
Las Cruces, NM 88001

Amy Johnson Bassford
Grants Administrator
(575) 541-2281

Michelle Belone
Grants & Contracts Compliance Specialist
(575) 541-2716

Simone Adams
Grants & Contracts Compliance Specialist
(575) 541-2430

Grants & Contracts Administration (GCA), a section of the Economic Development Department, was established in 2009 by the City Council & City Manager to:

  • coordinate and maximize grant-writing efforts in obtaining additional funding for City operations and capital projects;
  • provide contract management of federal and state grants and legislative appropriations; and
  • serve as a liaison with agencies that the City serves as their fiscal agent.

Further, GCA is tasked with coordinating and assisting City departments, agencies, and in special cases, partners, with finding and securing additional revenue and / or services in the areas of sponsorships and donations for the City of Las Cruces.

The GCA acts as the central repository for all external funding instruments that the City council has approved for acceptance, with an emphasis on ensuring the City complies with all State and Federal programmatic and financial regulations.

The section is comprised of two Grants and Contracts Compliance Specialists who provide direct support to City departments with all aspects of external funding instruments. Each Specialist has received extensive training in grant application and / or proposal development, and is well-versed in State and Federal grant funding regulatory and fiscal compliance.

Specialists assist City staff with pre-award tasks such as grand funding research, proposal development, technical review, and application submittal. Upon grant award the Specialist is responsible for processing the administrative paperwork required for City Council approval to execute the funding contract, accept the grant award and proceed with the new program. Additionally, each Specialist provides proper oversight of the grant award, to include maintaining complete and accurate audit files, assistance to program managers with the execution of the grant-funded project, and random audits of grant funded projects and programs, to ensure the City is in line with the terms and conditions of the grant award.

State Legislative Projects

A list of City Capital Projects legislated by the State of N.M. By project group, the report describes the project, project progress and financial status. A reversion date indicates when each project must be completed. The report is updated quarterly.