2013 Fireworks Restrictions

6/5/2013 1:14:00 PM

The Las Cruces City Council voted 7-0 on June 3, 2013 to enact a proclamation to restrict the use of fireworks this year to “barren or paved areas that have adequate water sources”. Residents of the city will not be allowed to light fireworks where there are shrubs or any type of vegetation that may catch fire. This proclamation comes as a result of the severe or extreme drought conditions that our region is experiencing. There is currently a burning ban in place that was enacted in late May by the Las Cruces Fire Department.  This burning ban is being enforced within the city limits because of these same conditions which means residents cannot burn any type of debris or vegetation while this burn ban is in effect.  This burn ban will be rescinded once drought conditions improve.

A list of permissible fireworks is listed below. Any fireworks not mentioned here is illegal and anyone found using them will face confiscation of the fireworks and a citation. Per Las Cruces City Municipal Code 11-146, permissible fireworks include;

  • (a) ground and hand-held sparkling and smoke devices:
  • (b) cone fountains;
  • (c) crackling devices;
  • (d) cylindrical fountains;
  • (e) flitter sparklers;
  • (f) ground spinners;
  • (g) illuminating torches;
  • (h) toy smoke devices; and
  • (i) wheels

For questions related to these restrictions call 575-528-4150

To report fireworks complaints call 575-526-0795