Farmers and Crafts Market

A market where the sale of any locally made, homecrafted or hand-assembled arts and crafts, which have been homecrafted or hand-assembled or produced by the seller or members of the seller's household or the sale of agricultural products grown by the seller occurs. The sponsor/owner of the Market must have a City Business certificate, not each individual vendor.

Annual Fee

$25, $10 late fee if permit has not been obtained prior to start/setup

Period of Certificate

One (1) calendar year.

Zoning Restrictions

This type of business is allowed in all zones.

Required Application Attachments

When applying for a farmers and crafts market license, you must include the following items with your application:

  • A site plan, if held outside
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Land owner’s authorization
  • List of participating vendors
  • NM Department of Agriculture permit, if plants sold
  • Tent safety certification, if applicable

Application Review

Your application will be review by the following departments:

  • Fire