Las Cruces Alarm Ordinance

UPDATE: August 12th 2013

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    Why does Las Cruces need an alarm ordinance?

    Las Cruces city officials determined an ordinance was needed due to the increasing, problematic number of false alarms. In 2012, the Las Cruces Police Department and the Las Cruces Fire Department responded to more than 8,000 alarm calls, 99% of which were false alarms. When false alarms are reported to public safety officials, it removes officers from their normal routine patrols, delays responses to legitimate public safety emergencies, and prevents 911 operators from answering emergency calls for help.The purpose of the alarm ordinance is to minimize or even eliminate false alarms.

    How do I register my alarm system and how much does it cost?

    The registration process can be completed by filling out the following form and mailing it to the address listed thereon. An online process is being developed but is currently not available. The annual registration fee is $25 for a residential alarm and $50 for a commercial alarm (Sec. 4-31).

    How do I register my Alarm Business?

    Alarm Business Registrations: If you are a business that is involved in the selling, leasing, installing, servicing or monitoring alarm systems within the city limits of Las Cruces, you are required to obtain a business license. This process is administered by the City of Las Cruces Community Development Business Registration department. Their office is at Las Cruces City Hall located at 700 N Main St, Suite#1100, Las Cruces, NM. The phone number for BUSINESS REGISTRATIONS is (575)528-2287. For additional information please visit the Community Development’s web page at:

    Is there a penalty for failure to obtain an alarm permit?

    Yes. The fine for failure to register an alarm system is $100 (Sec. 4-34). However no fines will be assessed until after August 1, 2013.

    The alarm system at my residence is not monitored. Do I still need a permit?

    If your alarm system is not designed to summon the Las Cruces Police or Fire Department you are not required to register your alarm system with the City of Las Cruces. (Sec. 4-31 [7])

    Why is there registration fee for my alarm system?

    The revenue generated from the alarm registration fees will be used to hire personnel and purchase equipment to administer the provisions of the ordinance.

    Who can I contact if I have more questions about alarms?

    The City of Las Cruces has appointed the Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority (MVRDA) to act as its agent to administer the provisions of this ordinance.

     In January 2013, the Las Cruces City Council enacted a new Alarm Ordinance. The ordinance was created to address problems with the large number of false alarms reported to the Las Cruces Police and Fire Departments. It was created after studying how others jurisdictions address the problem, public input meetings, and meetings with members of the alarm industry.

    The ordinance is intended to reduce the number of false alarms by:

    • Requiring alarm monitoring companies to make two phone calls to the alarm site to determine if the alarm was accidently activated.
    • Deter false activations by creating fines for alarm sites with repeated false alarms.
    • Identify nuisance alarms sites and only respond to these alarm sites when an emergency has been verified by a means other than the alarm.
    • Require new alarms systems to be installed with equipment designed to prevent false alarms.


    The alarm liaison at MVRDA is:
    Alarm Administrator, Jason Rivera
    PO Box 1838
    Las Cruces, NM 88004

    (575) 647-6813

    The alarm liaison at the Las Cruces Police Department is:
    Lieutenant Kevin Renn
    (575) 525-4730

    The alarm liaison at the Las Cruces Fire Department is:
    Battalion Chief Ted Sweetser
    (575) 528-4150



    Additional Information:

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