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Current News


Breaking Barriers in the NM Legal System (Marcia Driggers) - published in Tu Revista Magazine 1/18

LCU Recognizes Going Above and Beyond - published in The Bulletin 1/26/18

Successful Pilot Project Paves the Way for City-Wide Meter Upgrade - published in LC Sun-News 2/25/18

LCU Developing its Own Workforce - published in LC Sun-News 3/25/18

Neighborhood Leaders Visit Las Cruces Utilities - published in LC Sun-News 5/27/18

Opening Doors to Good Jobs in Las Cruces - published in The Bulletin 6/1/18

Drinking From the Same Source – Las Cruces and Ciudad Juarez - published in LC Sun-News 6/3/18

LCU Board Considers Water Rate Review Recommendations - published in LC Sun-News 7/1/18

Utilities Board Commissioners Take a Tour of City Utility Facilities - published in The Bulletin 7/6/18

LCU Board Votes on Water Rate Recommendations - Press Release 7/13/18

First Responders Include Emergency Response From LCU - published in Tu Revista Magazine 7/18

Two New Las Cruces Students Explore Utilities Career Options - published in The Bulletin 9/28/18

Learning the Ins and Outs of City Utilities - published in The Bulletin 10/12/18

Las Cruces Utilities Teaches Students at the Southern New Mexico State Fair - published in The Bulletin 10/28/18

LCU Wants to Hear from You - published in The Bulletin 11/9/18

Learning the Why Behind Safety Regulations - published in The Bulletin 11/23/18

Engineering Students See Future Selves at LCU - published in the Bulletin 12/7/18

Edible Snowmen and Christmas Magic With LCU - published in the LC Sun-News 12/16/18

LCU Recognizes Employees Accomplishments - published 12-30-18

Business Services

2018 Changes to LCU Billing - No SSNs Required - published in LC Sun-News 1/12/18

Las Cruces Utilities Assists Customers Who Hit Rough Spots with Billing - published in LC Sun-News 1/28/18

When Helping People Becomes a Daily Mission - published in LC Sun-News 2/11/18

Heading Out for the Summer? Adjust Your Utility Services - published in LC Sun-News 2/18/18

Reach Out for Help with LIHEAP - published in LC Sun-News 3/11/18

Las Cruces Utilities Opens New Customer Service Center - published in The Bulletin 4/13/18

"Level" Your Monthly Las Cruces Utilities Bill, and Other Billing Solutions - published in LC Sun-News 4/15/18

New Connections Exclusively at City Hall - published in The Bulletin 7/13/18

Developing Disruption-Free Services - published in The Bulletin 7/20/18

The Cost of Water - published in LC Sun-News 7/22/18

Just the Facts: Water Rate Increase - published in The Bulletin 8/3/18

A Helping Hand for Paying Your Utility Bills - published in LC Sun-News 9/30/18

How to Reduce Your Wastewater Bill - published in LC Sun-News 10/28/18

Pay by 2 PM and Get Same Day Reconnect - published in the LC Sun-News 11/1/18

Water Rate Increase on December 1st - published on Facebook 11/16/30 and as Press Release on 11/20/18

Homeowners - Be Careful with those Water Meters - published in the LC Sun-News 12/9/18


Las Cruces Inks Long-Term Natural Gas Deal - published in LC Sun-News 3/4/18

Las Cruces Utilities Prepares Gas Trainers for Success - published in The Bulletin 6/15/18


LCU Collaboration Leads to Algae Breakthroughs - published in The Bulletin 1/5/18

Decreasing Energy Consumption at the EMWRF - published in LC Sun-News 1/21/18

Meet the LCU Excellence in Innovations Award Winner - published in The Bulletin 2/9/18

Lush & Lean: Climate Change- How it Affects Local Water Supplies - published in The Bulletin 2/23/18

A Natural Resource Under Your Feet: Learn to Protect and Care For Your Soil - published in The Bulletin 3/2/18

Building Your Space with Nature in Mind - published in The Bulletin 3/9/18

Outdoor Home Improvement Equals "Curb Appeal" - published in Tu Revista Magazine Spring 2018

Lush & Lean: Water-wise Vegetable Gardening is Always in Season! - published in The Bulletin 3/23/18

Lush & Lean: Take Control of Your Outdoor Water Usage - published in The Bulletin 3/30/18

The Magic of Turning Cuttings and Seeds Into A New Garden - published in The Bulletin 4/27/18

The Answer to Weed Control is in Your Hands - Once You Know What You're Looking At - published in The Bulletin 3/16/18

Lush & Lean: Capture the Monsoon: Your Garden Will Thank You! - published in The Bulletin 5/4/18

Lush & Lean: Finding the Right Tree for the Right Location! - published in The Bulletin 5/8/18

Take a Spring Stroll with Las Cruces Utilities - published in LC Sun-News 5/13/18

Lush & Lean: A Snip in Time Can Save You a Dime - published in The Bulletin 5/25/18

Papa Drop Goes to the Movies: The History of a Water-Saving Champion - published in LC Sun-News 7/29/18

Solving the Case of the Missing Pond - published in LC Sun-News 8/12/18

Join LCU in Going Reusable - published in The Bulletin 8/31/18

New LCU Water Quality Lab Prepares to Shine - published in the Bulletin 12/28/18

Solid Waste

Grappler and Green Grappler Collect Tons Every Month - published in The Bulletin 1/19/18

GO CLEAR! - published in LC Sun-News 4/1/18

Got Green Waste? Go for Clear Bags - published in LC Sun-News 8/5/18

Up Close and Personal: Las Cruces Utilities Shows Big Trucks to Kids - published in The Bulletin 9/21/18

2019 Grappler Calendar Headed to you Mailbox - published in LC Sun News 12/23/18

Christmas Tree Recycling - published in PIO Press Release 12/27/28


UCAG Hosts Seven Open Houses to Explain Water Rate Review - published in LC Sun-News 4/21/18

Open Houses Planned for Public Input of Wastewater Rate Review - published in LC Sun-News 9/2/18

Have a Say in Wastewater Rate Review - published in The Bulletin 9/14/18

Have Questions About Your Utility Bill Increases? - LC Sun-News 10/21/18


40-Year Plan Guides Our Water Future - published in LC Sun-News 4/7/18

Advanced Water Meters Coming Your Way - published in LC Sun-News 7/8/18

Micron Filter Technology NO-DES - published in LC Sun-News 7/20/18

Superfund Project Transparency Draws Locals - published in The Bulletin 11/2/18

Las Cruces' Water Future is Safe - published in the LC Sun-News 12/9/18

Fire Flow Tests - Part of LCU Emergency Preparedness - published in the Bulletin 12/21/2018


Medications Don't Belong in Our Drains - published in LC Sun-News 7/15/18

John Mrozek, new Administrator takes WW Helm at LCU - published in the Bulletin 11/30/18