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Bill Pay Assistance

The City of Las Cruces offers options to those customers who may be in need of some assistance:

Payment Plan Agreement: Useful when customers owe several months of utility bills.

Preferred Payment Date: A monthly extension for disabled/elderly customers, so Las Cruces Utility bill due date coincides with the arrival of Social Security or Disability checks.

Budget Plan: Bill “leveling” to level out a customer’s monthly bill.

Promise to pay: Two-week extension on the billing due date.

CDP (Casa De Peregrinos): City funded program to assist Las Cruces Utility customers.

You may contact the organization below or contact one of our friendly Collection Representatives today at 541-2111 for a complete list of programs or organizations currently providing assistance with payment of utility bills.

LIHEAP (Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Program) - Federal program coordinated by the State of NM to assist citizens with heating resources (electric, gas, etc.).