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Men pouring concrete on North Main Street

Contracts and Permits

Contracts Administration oversees the construction of the City's Capital Improvement Projects (i.e. large scale projects that range from full roadway and utility reconstruction to drainage projects), all roadway and utility construction within what will become City right-of-way in new subdivisions, new commercial utility permits within the puclic right-of-way and retaining rock walls. As a group that is commonly seen out in the public working on projects, we are commonly asked an assortment of different questions. Here we will try to help guide you to where you can get assistance.

Do you inspect rock walls?

Yes/No. We only inspect retaining rock walls. To determine if you need a permit for a rock wall you need to contact the Community Development Department, Permitting and Inspections Section which can be contacted at 575-528-3222.

There is water coming out of the roadway...

For all utility breaks within the City's right-of-way, contact the Utility Department's Central Dispatch at 575-526-0500.

Do you approve concrete, asphalt, and mortar mix designs?

We review and approve concrete and rock wall mortar mix designs. The Project Development Section of Public Works approves the asphalt designs. They can be contacted at 575-528-3135.

Where can I find the City's standard specification?

CLC Standards for Roadway Construction - This references the materials and contract installation specifications for earthwork, asphalt, concrete, and traffic signals and lighting

2013 Utility Standards - These standards reference the material, installation, and details for water, sanitary sewer, and natural gas that are maintained by the CLC.

General Conditions for Construction Contracts - Requirements for all contracted work with the CLC from time of bidding the project to closing the project out.

Design Standards - These standards outline the minimum design specifications for work in the Public Right-of-Way, drainage, landscaping, erosion control, and traffic standards.

I need a pot hole repaired.

After the recent rains, my street needs to be cleaned.

My street light is out, can you fix it?

My sidewalk is cracked or separated and needs to be repaired.

The Transportation Department, Street & Traffic Operations section oversee the maintenance of roadways, street lighting and sidewalks. They can be reached at 575-541-2595.