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Men pouring concrete on North Main Street

Public Works / Contracts Administration & Municipal Properties Project Management (MPPM)

Contracts Administration is one of three operating sections in the Department of Public Works. We strive to protect the City's interest through serving as a quality control and contract compliance agency responsible for providing assurance that the streets, utility lines, and building contracts for Public Works projects are constructed and administered in accordance with the plans, specifications, State and Federal laws and safety provisions to achieve a quality product. This effort includes but is not limited to the construction for street improvements, storm drain construction, bridges, overpasses, gas lines, sewer lines, water lines, retaining rock walls and commercial utility permits and subdivisions.

We serve to monitor and authorize payments to the contractor(s) for acceptable progress, minimize public liability, ensure public safety and convenience, and certify the quality of the finished product meets the design standards. This contributes to reducing and avoiding future maintenance costs.

Contracts Administration is made up of our Section Administrator who oversees all contracts for the construction of roadways, utility lines, commercial utility permits and retaining rock wall permits. Our Project Managers manage Capital Improvement Projects and those already listed that are assigned to them and help with each other's projects on an as needed basis. Contracts Administration Inspectors make sure that all installed gas lines, water lines, sewer lines and roadway construction meet the latest versions of the following:

Revised Traffic Standards - The purpose of this document is to regulate the various traffic-related issues associated with public and private development such as access and median regulations, placement and implementation of traffic calming devices, installation of street lighting, placement of traffic control devices, and preparation of traffic impact studies.

CLC Standards for Road Construction This references the materials and contract installation specifications for earthwork, asphalt, concrete, and traffic signals and lighting.

2013 Utility Standards - Revised June 2017. These standards reference the material, installation, and details for water, sanitary sewer, and natural gas that are maintained by the CLC.

General Conditions for Construction Contracts - Requirements for all contracted work with the CLC from time of bidding the project to closing the project out.

Design Standards - These standards outline the minimum design specifications for work in the Public Right-of-Way, drainage, landscaping, erosion control, and traffic standards.

Contracts Administration also updates the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) Traffic Alerts for road and lane closures, shoulder work, and other traffic concerns for in and around Las Cruces.

Contact Information for Contracts Administration:


Contracts Administration
Jimmy Moreno Saralynn 'Sam' Borden
Acting Administrator Admin. Assistant
575-528-3126 575-528-3098
Project Managers
James Moore William Bass
575-528-3123 575-528-3126 575-528-3107
Eric Chavez Lorenzo Hernandez
575-528-3309 575-528-3072
Roadway Inspectors
Joe Fleming Lee McGill Jose Salinas
575-528-3092 575-528-3053 575-528-3203
Kevin Ammons Randall Holguin
575-528-3141 575-528-3088
Gas Inspectors
Rick Medrano Johnny Pacheco
575-528-3122 575-528-3143
Gabe Lara Gabe Rodriguez
575-528-3109 575-528-3481
Water / Wastewater Inspectors
Martin Rodriguez Vince Castillo
575-528-3214 575-528-3093
Carlos Roberto Joe John Carrizal
575-528-3203 575-528-3040
Judit Garcia Chantal Orozco Andres Alvarez
575-528-3229 575-528-3158 575-528-3196

Municipal Properties Project Management (MPPM)
Properties Project Manager
Alejandro "Alex" Flores
Project Managers
Mike Kinney Thomas Reynolds
575-528-3121 575-528-3229
Sreedevi B.Mohanraj Ruben Lujan
575-541-2538 575-541-2060
Project Specialists
Marco Marquez David Viarreal
575-541-2906 575-541-2686
Co-op Sara Volcko