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I ride the bus a couple of times a month. I like the kindness and close attention to being on time at the bus stops. The bus drivers are wonderful.
Message from Mike Bartholomew, Transit Administrator: Thank you all for the many way that you make our customers welcome. It is greatly appreciated.

From: Heidie Daw
To: Fixed route bus drivers

Dear Sgt. Baker,
I truly appreciate your phone call yesterday and conversing with you (regarding traffic concerns in his area). Thank you so very much.

From: Eric Sorensen
To: Sgt. Miranda Baker-French, LCPD

My wife, (Maria Fresquez) and I want thank you for the clean-up the city did on the vacate place on Los Colinas, between Galina and Cat Eye Rd. Thank you.

From: Gary Jensen
To: Gill Sorg, Mayor Pro Tem

Thank you for your patience. Please accept my apology and know that I respect what you do.

From: Kylee Kinnamon
To: Sgt. Roberto Gutierrez, LCPD