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Targeting Neighborhood Threats

Targeting Neighborhood Threats (TNT)

The Targeting Neighborhood Threats Unit, or TNT Unit, was formed in October of 2003 and is supervised by a sergeant who oversees six officers. This unit was formed to dedicate their time to solving quality of life threats within community neighborhoods. The unit was designed to fill the gap between the initial crime incident and the follow up investigation, which increases the chance of solving those crimes and deterring future crime. Officers work with citizens, other agencies, and various sections of the Las Cruces Police Department to solve crime and target neighborhood threats. This unit recognized the need to focus their efforts in the areas that most directly affect the citizens for whom we work.

Their duties include identifying any neighborhood threats and implementing strategies to address and suppress those threats. These threats can be to individuals or groups within their respective neighborhoods that negatively affect the quality of life for those long term and law abiding residents who live within them.

The philosophy of the TNT Unit is to treat the problem like you or someone you love live next to the problem.

The TNT Unit has officers assigned to oversee crime prevention education programs via the Community Liaison Officer, an officer assigned to assist our detectives and various other agencies with computer forensics and Internet crimes, and an officer assigned as the CIT Officer(Crisis Intervention Team). This unit also works closely with the U.S. Marshals Service to apprehend fugitives from justice.

LCPD’s TNT Unit can be contacted via e-mail or by calling (575) 525-4736.