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Meet your Codes Enforcement Officer

You have some questions about your neighborhood? Who is the Codes Enforcement Officer that always is driving around in your neighborhood? Or would you like to find out how to contact the officer of an area you may have a concern about?

Let's meet our team!

J. Chavez #441 Chief of Codes James Chavez #441. Chief Chavez has been with the City of Las Cruces since 2004.
M. Roach #458
Codes Field Supervisor Michael Roach #458 has been with the City of Las Cruces since 2012.
David Aguayo, Administrative Specialist
Lisa Montoya, Office Assistant Senior

Below is an interactive map that you can type in the address to locate the Officer in the district or area. Click anywhere colored on the map and it will show you who the Code's Enforcement Officer is for that area along with a photograph and the contact information for that officer. It's that easy. For a stand-alone map with photographs of the officers, please click here.