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Animal Control

Animal Control Officers enforce such ordinances as: restraint of animals (leash laws), rabies vaccinations, pet licenses, nuisance (barking), care and maintenance and all other ordinances under the municipal code.

Animal Control also reaches out to the public by providing presentations to schools, clubs or any organization to better educate residents about proper and responsible pet care. These presentations include: how to properly care and maintain your pet, bite prevention, how to recognize animal cruelty and animal hoarding, how to correct nuisance or problem dogs and a variety of other classes which are geared for age appropriate levels.

Our mission is accomplished by enforcing animal control laws while providing compassionate services to animals and their owners.

You can contact the Animal Control Office for questions, suggestions or ideas, Monday - Friday between the hours 8 am to 5 pm at (575) 528-4100.



Residents of Las Cruces can now file loud animal reports online instead of having to call Central Dispatch or speak with an officer.

The Las Cruces Police Department reporting system can now accept reports for loud animals as well as complaints about graffiti, abandoned vehicles, littering or illegal dumping. City residents were already able to file relatively minor property crime reports of incidents to the Las Cruces Police Department that had no suspects or crime scene evidence.

Types of Codes Enforcement reports Las Cruces residents can now file online:

  • Loud Animal Complaints.

  • Graffiti.

  • Abandoned vehicle.
  • Littering or illegal dumping.

Additional issues that can also be reported to the Las Cruces Police Department are the following;

  • Lost property.
  • Theft or larceny of property with no known suspects or evidence.
  • Theft from a motor vehicle with no known suspects or evidence.
  • Harassing or annoying phone calls (non-emergency).
  • Vandalism to public or private property.
  • Vandalism to motor vehicles with no known suspects or viable evidence.

The reports must be of incidents that occurred within Las Cruces city limits. Crimes that occurred outside city limits should be reported to law enforcement in their respective jurisdiction.

If the incident in question is an emergency, or if there is a known suspect or potential crime scene evidence that can be collected, the reporting party should call 911 or (575) 526-0795, the non-emergency phone number to Central Dispatch.

The system allows users to receive a temporary case number and print a copy of the unofficial report. Information submitted is reviewed by a Las Cruces Codes Enforcement officer or a Las Cruces Police officer for approval. Once approved, the information is entered into LCPD records and an official report is generated. The reporting party will receive an email confirming the report and instructions on how to print a free copy of the report. The officer can also recommend further investigation into the matter.

Click on the FILE A REPORT ONLINE to get started on keeping the City of Las Cruces a clean, safe & healthy community.

Please go to CONTACT US if you have any questions about online reporting or any other issues.

**New Animal Control Ordinances** TETHERING UPDATE

Beginning November 12, 2016, the tethering section of Chapter 7, Animals, of the LCMC goes into effect.

More specifically;

Section 7-13. Restraint requirements. C. Owner’s premise. (2) states; A person owning or having care, custody, or control over a dog on his or her premise may use a tether as a temporary means restraint only.

  1. A person shall not tether a dog to a stationary object for more than 2 hours in any 12-hour period.

  2. A person shall not tether a dog to a running line, pulley, or trolley system for more than 4 hours in any 12-hour period.

  3. A person shall not tether a dog in an unenclosed area where people or other animals are able to wander into the proximity of the tethered dog.

  4. A tether used to restrain a dog shall be at least 12 feet in length. Such tether shall not enable the animal to reach beyond the owner’s property.

  5. A tether used to restrain a dog shall be affixed to a properly fitting collar or harness worn by the dog. A person shall not wrap a chain or tether directly around the neck or other body part of a dog.

  6. A tether used to restrain a dog shall not weigh more than 1/8th of the animal’s body weight. The tether weight shall include any additional objects attached to the dog or tether, such as locks or fasteners.

  7. A tether used to restrain a dog shall have working swivels on both ends and shall be fastened so that the animal may sit, walk, and lie down using natural motions. Such tether shall be unobstructed by objects that may cause the tether or animal to become entangled or strangled.

  8. In all cases, a tethered dog must be able to reach a container with water in it at all times.

Services provided by Animal Control

To schedule any of these services or any questions, please call (575)528-4100 or contact us.

For any frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ's page.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”
Mahatma Gandhi