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50 Plus Recreation


We offer hikes for all levels. Rating levels and entry hikes have been established to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all the hikers. Sign up and payment for hikes will be held the first Monday of each month at Frank O'Brien Papen Community Center, 304 W. Bell St.

COST: $5 - $20 (varies according to hike location)

WHEN: Thursdays
Morning departure time / Return is dependent on hike distance and location.

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Although implemented for the 50+ community, anyone 18 and older is welcome to participate. Rides will be held on Mondays starting at 9 a.m. Each ride will have a set distance and designation ranging from 10 - 20 miles. Rides may be cancelled due to weather. Routes will be local, utilizing city bike paths and roads. Participants will be required to provide their own bikes, helmets, patch kits, water, snacks, and other items needed for each excursion. Bikes with multiple gears (road and hybrid) are strongly recommended.

COST: $3 per rider ($1.50 for those aged 60+)

WHEN: Mondays at 9a.m. call 541-2454 for additional information.

Rides begin Sept.12, at Frank O’Brien Papen Community Center, 304 W. Bell Ave. Riders may register at the center during operational hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., beginning Sept. 5.


The goal of the walking program is to increase stamina and cardio vascular health. The program is designed to get participants walking for up to 60 minutes per session in 12 weeks! It begins with 20 minute walks, three times per week, and works up to the 60 minutes. Distance is not the priority, movement is. Participants walk at their own pace for a set amount of time.

COST: $36 per walker
for 12 week tracked program

WHEN: Mon - Wed - Fri, JAN 4th - MAR 31st
8:30 am-9:30 am

Register at Frank O'Brien Papen Center, 304 W. Bell Ave. Call 541-2454 to ask about our next session.

Current 12 week session runs January 4th - March 31st 2017


In addition to our recreation programs, the City of Las Cruces provides numerous fitness opportunities to our 50 Plus community. After all, better health means improved quality of life. A lifetime of fitness, a lifetime of fun!

COST: $2 per participant ($1 for those aged 60+)

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In New Mexico, falls are the leading cause of injury-related death, emergency room visits, and hospitalization among adults 65 years and older. Falls are not a natural part of aging and many can be prevented! The City of Las Cruces Parks and Recreation Department offers Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance as an evidence-based intervention to help reduce the number of falls among older adults. This fitness class is a balance retraining program and gateway to improved fitness.

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