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Insurance Requirements

The standard insurance requirement for filming in New Mexico is a $1 million comprehensive general liability insurance policy. It is required by all public permitting agencies. It must be issued in the form of an original certificate, covering the entire period of the filming, naming the permit issuing agency and its employees as additional insured. Additional coverage may be required for hazardous work such as highway stunts.

Unemployment Insurance

Employers under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act are also liable for New Mexico Unemployment Tax when hiring New Mexico employees. Out-of-state employers bringing workers to New Mexico for a temporary job are subject to the reporting requirements of their base state. For more information contact the New Mexico Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance Bureau, (505) 841-8429.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s Compensation Insurance is required in New Mexico. All employers, with limited exceptions, are required to cover all of their employees, including full-time, part-time, seasonal or occasional employees. For more information contact the Worker’s Compensation Administration, (505) 841-6000.