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Mesilla Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Mesilla Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is a multi-jurisdictional planning agency located in south-central New Mexico, USA. The MPO is responsible for planning all aspects of the transportation system including bicycle, auto, pedestrian, public transit, and aviation in Las Cruces, Mesilla and part of Doña Ana County. Federal regulations require the designation of an MPO to carry out coordinated, continuing and comprehensive transportation planning for urbanized areas with a population of more than 50,000.

The MPO is comprised of ten voting members: three City of Las Cruces Councillors, three Doña Ana County Commissioners, three Town of Mesilla Trustees, and the district engineer from NMDOT District One. Two committees advise the MPO: the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which makes recommendations to the Policy Committee regarding technical issues, and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Advisory Committee (BPAC) which provides recommendations for the planning of bicycle and pedestrian facilities within the MPO area.

2015 Meeting Schedule

West University Boulevard Corridor Study

On June 18, 2015 at the Mesilla Community Center, consulting firm Bohannan Huston presented the public with a series of alternatives for the improvement of bicycle and pedestrian safety along the West University corridor, delineated as the section between South Main Street and Avenida de Mesilla. There have been long-standing safety concerns for pedestrians and bicycles along this stretch of University Boulevard, particularly given the location of Zia Middle School. At the meeting, Bohannan Huston staff presented several potential cross-sections of the University corridor, as shown here on cross-section page one and cross-section page two.

The next phase is a further refinement of the alternatives, including detailed analysis of right of way issues. The MPO is directing this study in cooperation with the Town of Mesilla, the City of Las Cruces, and the New Mexico Department of Transportation. For further information, please contact the MPO staff.

New Mexico Transportation Plan

The NMDOT is currently in the public comment period for the New Mexico Transportation Plan. This presentation contains more information on the components of the plan and how it was developed. The comment period will end on June 26. Plan drafts and comment forms are available here.

2016-2021 Transportation Improvement Program

The 2016-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) was adopted on June 10. The TIP contains planned transportation projects for the MPO area.

For questions on the TIP, please contact MPO staff at

Five Core MPO Functions

There are five core functions for MPOs that are established by the Federal regulations.

Establish a Setting - Establishes and manages a fair and impartial setting for effective regional decision-making on transportation issues.

Evaluate Alternatives - Evaluates transportation alternatives, scaled to the size of the region, the nature of its transportation issues, and considers realistically available options.

Maintain a Metropolitan Transportation Plan - Develop and update a metropolitan transportation plan for the Mesilla Valley. This document covers a planning horizon of twenty years and focuses on multi-modal mobility and access, efficient system performance, and quality of life.

Develop a Transportation Improvement Program - Develop a TIP, which is a fiscally constrained, prioritized capital transportation improvement program programmed for six years including state and federal money.

Involve the Public - Prepares and implements a Public Participation Plan, which outlines the procedures used to ensure the general public and any affected sub-groups will have the opportunity to participate in the transportation planning process.

Contact Us

Contact MPO Staff at (575) 528-3043 or