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Construction Pollution Prevention

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There are two primary ordinances that are used for environmental compliance.

The purpose of the Wind Erosion Ordinance is to ensure that dust particles do not become entrenched in the air.

Wind Erosion Control

The purpose of the Stormwater Management Ordinance is to promote the elimination or reduction of pollutants from entering the city's municipal separate storm sewer system. This ordinance regulates construction facilities to ensure that sediment is not carried by water and flow off the ground.



Any construction or demolition operation that is capable to creating wind blown particulate is required to submit a wind erosion control plan. The plan is reviewed by the city Environmental Compliance officer for adequate control measures. Once the plan is signed off on and the project begins the Environmental Compliance Officer must inspect the site to ensure the control measures are in place before any grading or clearing begins.

For residential construction projects that are less than one acre you can use this plan:

Residential Dust Control Plan

All other construction projects you can use this template for the wind erosion control plan. A Wind Erosion Control Plan is required as part of the permit process.

Wind Erosion Control Plan

When the project is larger than one acre you will be required to submit a SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) to EPA and submit to the City your Construction General Permit (CGP) Notice of Intent (NOI) ID.


2012 CGP


To notify the city of a possible violation of the Wind Erosion Control ordinance or the Stormwater Management ordinance go to:

Ask The City

Or Contact: