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City Council Meetings

Individual Right of Access and Speaking at Public Meetings

Anyone may speak at a regular City Council meeting and express a point of view. You may speak to the Council under Public Participation toward the beginning of each meeting, on any topic that is not related to legislation being considered at that meeting. Or you may address a specific legislative item on the agenda, in which case you will be called to speak when the item comes up for discussion.

Typically, each speaker will have seven (7) minutes to speak. A speaker may request more than seven (7) minutes but must fill out the City Clerk's Public Speaking Form and indicate how much total time is needed. If several people are planning to speak on one topic, the Mayor has the discretion on the time allotted to each speaker, which may be less than the seven (7) minutes. All speakers are timed.

Public Speaker Form

Open Meetings Act

2018 February 26 Agenda Setting Meeting Notice
February 26 Work Session Agenda
February 20 Regular Council Meeting Agenda
February 18 - 24 Potential Quorum Notice
February 14 Joint Work Session Agenda
February 13 Management Summit Notice
February 12 Work Session Agenda
February 12 Agenda Setting Meeting Notice
February 11 - 17 Potential Quorum Notice
February 5 Closed Meeting Notice
February 5 Regular Council Meeting Agenda
February 4 - 10 Potential Quorum Notice
January 29 Agenda Setting Meeting Notice
Jan 28 - Feb 3 Potential Quorum Notice
January 22 Work Session Agenda
January 22 TIDD Board Meeting Agenda
January 21 - 27 Potential Quorum Notice
January 16 Regular Council Meeting Agenda
January 14 - 20 Potential Quorum Notice
January 9 Special Work Session - Budget Retreat Notice
January 8 Agenda Setting Meeting Notice
January 8 Work Session Agenda
January 7 - 13 Potential Quorum Notice
January 2 Regular Council Meeting Agenda
2017 December 25 Work Session - Cancelled Notice
December 18 Closed Meeting Notice
December 18 Agenda Setting Meeting Notice
December 18 Regular Council Meeting Agenda
December 17 - 30 Potential Quorum Notice
December 11 Agenda Setting Meeting Notice
December 11 Work Session Agenda
December 11 Special City Council Meeting Agenda
December 10 -16 Potential Quorum Notice
December 4 Closed Meeting Notice
December 4 Regular Council Meeting Agenda
December 3 - 9 Potential Quorum Notice