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Our Mission

Welcome to the City Attorney's Office. The City Attorney serves as the chief legal advisor to the City Manager, the City Council, and all City departments. The City Attorney will discuss the Las Cruces Municipal Code, City Council agenda items or other City-related questions. However, the City Attorney is not permitted to give legal advice to citizens.

Vehicle Seizure/Forfeiture Program Vehicles are seized under the City's vehicle forfeiture ordinance (Las Cruces Municipal Code, Section 27-6) from persons who may be arrested for a second or subsequent DWI or driving when their license has been revoked.

The City Attorney's Office answers questions, takes requests for hearings, and coordinates weekly hearings with LCPD and the hearing officer. The City Attorney also prepares, files, and manages nuisance abatement lawsuits which, when completed, allow those vehicles to be sold at the city auction.

The proceeds from fees and payments are used by the Las Cruces Police Department for DWI prevention and education programs.

Any car owner who has had their vehicle seized under the Municipal Code Section 27-6 may request the Hearing Form. Although the form is accessible online, requestors will need to submit the form in person with applicable fees. Vehicle owners or anyone acting on behalf of the vehicle owner, may submit the Vehicle Removal Authorization Form to obtain permission to claim the seized vehicle.

Jennifer Vega-Brown

Jennifer Vega-Brown

City Attorney

Contact Information

700 North Main St., Suite 3200 Las Cruces, NM 88001

(575) 541-2128