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Neighborhood Action Team

The Neighborhood Action Team (NAT) is a task force comprising representatives of several departments within City government. The areas represented include Chief Operations Office, Community Development, Codes Enforcement, Council and Constituent Services, Facilities, Fire Department, Land Management, Legal, Police Department, and the Public Information Office.

The goals of the Neighborhood Action Team are to:

  1. Agree on an inter-departmental approach and standard practice for addressing vacant and abandoned nuisance structures and properties.
  2. Clearly designate department responsibilities for addressing and mitigating vacant and nuisance structures and properties.
  3. Identify city codes and regulations necessary to improve the City’s ability to mitigate vacant and nuisance structures and properties
  4. Coordinate to establish the City Comprehensive Plan as the policy direction for neighborhood stabilization and property maintenance with additional guidance from appropriate overlay zones.
  5. Continue to improve communication and coordination among department personnel and the public.

More Information:


David Dollahon, Assistant City Manager – Chief Operations Officer
Chief Eric Enriquez, Fire Department
Chief Patrick Gallagher, Police Department
Chief James Chavez, Codes Enforcement
Eric Martin, Facilities Administrator
Jennifer Vega-Brown, City Attorney
Robert Cabello, Assistant City Attorney
Bill Hamm, Land Manager
Larry Nichols, Community Development Director
Lisa LaRocque, Sustainability Officer
Elizabeth Teeters, Policy Analyst
Jamey Rickman, Community Outreach Manager