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2016 City of Las Cruces Legislative Priorities

Building a Stronger Community


Community Pool Enclosure

Community Pool Enclosure: $3 million
The City of Las Cruces is planning to build a large competitive pool to complement the Regional Aquatic Center and is requesting $3 million to enclose the facility to enable year-round use. This project will help with wellness, increase public school swim programs, and have a positive economic impact to southern New Mexico.

Street Improvements Image

Street Improvements: $1 million
To improve driving surfaces and traffic flow, the City is requesting $1 million to help maintain the community’s 500 miles of roadways. The city has invested in a computerized pavement management system. The legislative funding will help improve roadways identified as needing maintenance.

Septic Tank remediation Image

Traffic Signal Synchronization: $1 million
Another $1 million is requested for traffic signal synchronization. The funding will help synchronize the city’s 100 signalized intersections and replace half the equipment that is more than 40 years old. Benefits include less idle time for vehicles resulting in less pollution, safer driving conditions and quicker commute times.

Septic Tank Remediation Image

Septic Tank Remediation: $3.5 million
($570,000 for smaller phases) Continue removing the 1,880 septic tank systems in Las Cruces and replace with municipal sewer service. Benefits include protecting valuable ground water resources and protecting residents from failed septic systems and associated costs and environmental damage


Tax Policy Overhaul Image

Tax Policy Overhaul
Advocating for a complete statewide tax policy overhaul with a focus on Gross Receipts Tax. A simplified tax policy and structure will make New Mexico more competitive in the national market when recruiting businesses to our cities.

For more information contact:
Robert Garza, P.E., City Manager, 575-541-2076
Lawrence Horan, Lobbyist, 505-859-2895