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2015 Legislative Priorities: Building a Stronger Community

The City of Las Cruces and the City Council identify certain priorities that have a significant impact on residents in Las Cruces. Those priorities for the 2015 Legislative session are outlined below.


Community Pool Image

Community Pool – Begin Phase II of the Regional Recreation and Aquatics Center: Competitive pool and diving tank.

Street Improvements Image

Street Improvements – Restoration of the city roadways: Construction and reconstruction in multiple areas of the city. .

Septic Tank remediation Image

Septic Tank Remediation – Protect groundwater resources: Remove from city limits nearly 2,000 septic systems.

Water Well Infrastructure Image

Water Well Infrastructure – Ensure proper operation of wells to provide clean and safe drinking water to more than 100,000 residents.


Hold Harmless Tax Policy – City requires GRT (gross receipts tax) to provide essential services. The City of Las Cruces urges the legislature to protect revenues of local governments. Even with 3/8% Hold Harmless GRT, the City will not be made whole.

Predatory Lending Legislation – Request for legislation to modify lending provisions within state statutes to impose a more reasonable maximum interest rate.

The City of Las Cruces is a member of the Dona Ana County Legislative Coalition (DACLC) that seeks to promote significant legislative initiatives to benefit Las Cruces and the surrounding communities’ economic and developmental needs. More information for the list of initiatives may be found online. A video presentation that outlines the priorities is also available.