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Council & Constituent Services Coordinator - Jamey Rickman

Jamey Rickman

The Council & Constituent Services Coordinator (CCSC) serves residents directly and supports all City departments with developing strong neighborhood and community relationships. This is accomplished through coordination with the City Council, city manager and assistant city managers regarding constituent issues and communication to increase knowledge, awareness, and outreach about City services, programs and policies. The work of the coordinator is directly related to strengthening the City’s quality of life through community participation, resident involvement in neighborhood and community organizations, and supporting clearly defined links between the City, City services, and neighborhood and community organizations. The CCSC’s office is responsible for managing the Ask the City service that residents may use to report any issues or concerns – from potholes and street lights and many other items, to how to find information, make suggestions or to compliment City employees.


  • Phone: (575) 541-2192
    Cell Phone: (575) 649-7493
    Fax: (575) 541-2077