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Water Conservation Program

The Water Conservation Program works to reduce water use among city residents and within the city government. We currently host education programs for adults and children and perform informal water audits for customers with high water bills. We evaluate water use at city facilities and recommend changes to reduce the use.

We have newly updated the plants in the xeric demonstration garden at the Las Cruces Utilities building and in September we launched our Demonstration Garden Guide, a 48 page color publication, which can be used to help Las Cruces residents select plants appropriate for local gardens and landscapes. Visit the Demonstration Garden page to find out more about this helpful resource.

The Water Conservation Program administers the Water Conservation Ordinance. We receive reports of water waste on the program hotline, (575) 528-4444, and via email, issue variances, and report water conservation efforts and water use to the Office of the State Engineer.

Please read on and visit the other Water Conservation Program pages to learn more about our activities and programs. You can also learn about us on water conservation on facebook Facebook.

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Complying with the Water Conservation Ordinance

Water is a limited and precious resource that we must all share. Please use it wisely.

Rhonda K. Diaz
Water Conservation Coordinator
Las Cruces Utilities
680 N. Motel Blvd.
Las Cruces, NM 88007
(575) 528-3549