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Keep Las Cruces Beautiful

Keep Las Cruces Beautiful (KLCB) focuses on the 3 E's: Education, Eradication and Enforcement. Our program is dedicated to keeping our city beautiful through litter and weed control, graffiti eradication and prevention activities, community recycling efforts, and neighborhood and community wide beautification projects. Community involvement is a key component of our program empowering the citizens of Las Cruces to take action in their neighborhoods.

KLCB has been in existence since 1991 and is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and New Mexico Clean and Beautiful. It is a part of the Codes Enforcement Unit of the Las Cruces Police Department.


Keep Las Cruces Beautiful would like to announce that they are the proud recipients of the award for Outstanding Program of 2014. New Mexico Clean and Beautiful, along with Keep America Beautiful presented James Woods, KLCB coordinator, with this distinguished award on October 21, 2015 in Roswell, New Mexico after a conference held for all New Mexico Clean and Beautiful affiliates.

In 2014, KLCB organized two community cleanups: The Great American Cleanup and the Toss No Mas. Within these two cleanups, there were a total of 2300 volunteers and over 20 tons of trash collected. Because of the hard work from dedicated volunteers, Las Cruces has become one of the cleanest cities in New Mexico.

KLCB partners with the Juvenile Citation Program to eradicate graffiti and place beautiful murals around the city. Tree Stewards, as well as volunteers from numerous City of Las Cruces departments participate in Arbor Day. Trees, shrubs, and flowers are planted within different communities. KLCB provides all tools, equipment, paint, and plants during these events.

KLCB, Las Cruces Public Schools, and City of Las Cruces, educate the youth in controlling litter, recycling, beautification, and reporting graffiti. LIBBY, the green dog visits with different classrooms in different schools to present different ways to recycle and prevent illegal dumping. KLCB also visits with several City of Las Cruces after school programs to provide activities pertaining to recycling, litter, and beautification. KLCB is the only New Mexico Clean and Beautiful affiliate to have their own published children’s book.

Youth participation is important in keeping Las Cruces beautiful. Along with the self-gratification, the youth experience when they clean up their communities, KLCB has given the youth another incentive for their efforts. Stipend monies funded by a Grant is available to these youth organizations who participate in cleanups. In 2014, 350-400 youth participated in this program.

KLCB would like to thank Las Cruces Police Department, Codes Enforcement, volunteers, and sponsors for their continued support in keeping Las Cruces Beautiful.

Outstanding award for 2014

(Pictured from left to right: Andrea Lawrence, Program Manager, New Mexico Clean & Beautiful. James Woods, KLCB Coordinator, Jennifer Jen, President and CEO, Keep America Beautiful)


Thank you to volunteers of all ages and all groups that lent a helping hand to our annual Toss No Mas

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Reuse & Recycle Show

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Toss No Mas - October 15, 2016

Volunteer and join good people doing great things. Beautify our neighborhoods, parks and schools by picking up litter, painting over graffiti, painting murals or planting trees and shrubs.

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For more information about these events and more, please contact us at (575) 528-4100.