Councillor Miguel G. Silva (District-1)

 Miguel Silva


Councillor Miguel G. Silva represents District One which he describes as the “Heart of Las Cruces.” District One encompasses the Mesquite and Alameda Historic Districts; Las Cruces Downtown Main Street; the unique neighborhoods of the north Mesquite and Alameda residential districts; and the distinct neighborhoods within the Juniper, Spruce and Ash residential districts as well. Councillor Silva prides himself on community involvement and visibility within his district.

Revitalization of Downtown, working with both community members and staff on developing the Alameda Overlay Plan, supporting Las Esperanzas and the Mesquite Historic District in their preservation efforts, and providing ADA curbing on the north Solano districts are a few District One undertakings. On the City level, Councillor Silva led the initiative to implement a Police Oversight Committee. The result was an outside consultant who was hired to audit the Las Cruces Police Department and recommended the hiring of an outside auditor to review police policies and performance.

As 2009 Board Chair of the South Central Solid Waste District (SCSWD), the District expanded both its solid waste and recycling efforts. Those efforts included a more regional approach, where the SCSWD enveloped into the operation of the Doña Ana County transfer sites and the City’s recycling program. Both programs matured in 2009, in particular, the recycling program where contracts were signed with the Friedman Company to process recyclables. This processing contract led to the next step of providing recycling curbside collection to City residents which should begin within 2010.

As the current chair of the Animal Services Center of Mesilla Valley Board (ASCMV), Councillor Silva’s goals are to improve public relations between the center, public and volunteers; upgrade facility maintenance; and continue to solidify the bond between the City and County in creating this newly formed Joint Powers Agreement.

Prior to being elected in 2007, Councillor Silva served as a County Commissioner in 2000. He also has more than 25 years of solid waste management experience. He served as the New Mexico State University Recycling Manager for two years, 2005–2007 and was the City of Las Cruces Initial Recycling Coordinator, 1990–1995. Councillor Silva also is an English Adjunct Professor at Dona Ana Community College and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from New Mexico State University.



Community Involvement

Chairman, Animal Services Center of Mesilla Valley
Vice Chairman, Extra Territorial Zoning Authority – 2008 Chairman
Board Member, South Central Solid Waste Authority Board
Board Member, Weed and Seed Youth Program
Board Member, Rio Grande Natural Gas Association Board – Vice Chairman, 2010
Board Member, Downtown Tax Increment District Board

Ad-hoc Committees
Preservation Ordinance Ad-hoc Committee
Armijo House Project Ad-hoc Committee
City Building Assessment Ad-hoc Committee
Downtown Revitalization Ad-hoc Committee
Salsa Festival Ad-hoc Committee
Winter-fest Ad-hoc Committee

Community Board Member
Las Esperanzas
Border Book Festival
Court Youth Center – Board Member
Projects in Motion – Board Member

Henry Gustafson Award – Downtown Las Cruces Partnership
Excellence in Public Service to the Arts – Dona Ana Arts Council
Pride Award for Excellence – Southern New Mexico Pride Association



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