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Tree Steward Volunteer Application

  1. Las Cruces Parks and Recreation Tree Stewards program is dedicated to the recruitment and training of community volunteers to care for trees in public spaces and on their own property.

    Volunteers receive 32 hours of training during an eight week course from statewide experts on trees and tree care. Topics include tree identification, how to plant, pruning, water harvesting and selecting native and adapted trees for the desert SW. In exchange for training, volunteers are asked to commit 40 hours of volunteer service over the next twelve months. Tree Stewards volunteer by: • Planting trees in public spaces • Educational opportunities such as Arbor Day, Farmers Market, school tree plantings, etc. • Maintenance of trees in parks or public spaces • Advocate for trees in our community. Join the ranks of Tree Stewards who have made the commitment to grow and promote our community forest.

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