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Social Media Registration & Access Form

  1. Please use the form below if you are wishing to create a new City-related social media page/account, get access to an existing social media account or get access to social media websites via your City user account. You must fill out the form, print, sign and send back to the Public Information Office (PIO). For new social media accounts, PIO will recommend approval or denial to the City Manager. The City Manager will have final approval. For social media access to websites, PIO will submit a work order to HelpDesk to grant access. Contact Adrian Guzman with PIO at 541-2026 / with any questions.

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  4. For Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you will need your personal account to setup access to a page or business account.

  5. Submit, Print & Sign

    Once you complete the form, print the form and get the requested signatures below. Then submit the signed document to Adrian Guzman in PIO by hand-delivery, internal-mail, or emailing By signing you agree to all terms in the Social Media Procedures and User Guidelines and the City Manager's Social Media Policy.

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