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Facebook & Instagram Marketing Campaign

  1. Please fill out form below. PIO will create a social media campaign on your behalf and make payment based off of the funding source you provide. Payment is made using a P-Card that is on file with Facebook(FB). PIO will reconcile the charges using the account you provided. Depending on the billing cycle, it is not uncommon for a campaign to be split into multiple billing periods. If you have any questions please contact Adrian Guzman, Media Operations and Production Coordinator at or 575.541.2026

  2. If different from requester. Please give name of supervisor or director that is approving this request.

  3. This will be used for tracking purposes and used when posting to social media. Refer to part "B" in example.

  4. If doing a video campaign and the video still needs to be produced, give an approximate date when you would like to start/finish running the ad.

  5. Be as concise as possible. Refer to part "A" on example.

  6. FB-example

  7. Optional. Refer to part "C" in example. Button will link to website you provide.

  8. Campaign Media*

    This will be the image or video you wish to use. Refer to part "D" in example.

  9. If providing a pre-produced video you are providing. Exp. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive.

  10. Please describe the video PIO produced in the past that you are wanting to use for the campaign.

  11. Please descripe a specific image you are looking for OR describe a type of photo you would like to have. PIO has its own archive access to Adobe Stock photos.

  12. Please provide any specific instructions you have. Also include targeting requests if applicable.

  13. Funding Source

    Please provide funding source for add. PIO will pay with Pcard on file with Facebook/Instagram and will reconcile transactions with your funding source. FB/IG bills the 1st of the month or once a certain threshold has been met.

  14. $50 minimum. For a City wide campaign, PIO recommends a minimum of $750 for 2 weeks. Or a maximum of $1,000 per week for a campaign.

  15. $750 minimum. For a City wide campaign PIO recommends a minimum of $750 for 2 weeks. Or a maximum of $1000 per week for a campaign. For newly produced videos by PIO, a $750 minimum is required.

  16. You verify that the account you provided has sufficient funds and that PIO has your approval to use this account to pay for your campaign and has been approved by a supervisor or director?*

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