Form Center

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City Clerk

  1. Public Participation Form

    Request for extension beyond the 7 minutes policy.

  2. Records Inventory Form
  1. Record Withdrawal Form

    This form will be used to request records from the records center.


  1. Council Chamber Reserve Checklist
  2. Kudos Submittal Form

    Please use this form when submitting a kudo. Provide complete information and include a photo of the associate(s) receiving the kudo as... More…

  3. Social Media Registration & Access Form
  1. Facebook & Instagram Marketing Campaign
  2. Remote Audio/Visual/PC Support Checklist
  3. Video Copy Request Form

Police Records

  1. Las Cruces Police Department Request for Report

    Request case/incident reports from the Las Cruces Police Department.


  1. Disconnect Utility Services
  2. LCU Sewer Service Survey for Hacienda Acres

    Survey to determine if costumers are interested in sewer service for the Hacienda Acres neighborhood.

  1. Enroll in Paperless Billing