Las Cruces Utilities Wastewater Section maintains approximately 360 miles of sewer lines and eight lift stations. The Jacob A. Hands Wastewater Treatment Facility treats approximately 3.5 billion gallons of sewage per year. After successful separation of solids, the treated and disinfected wastewater (effluent) is safely discharged into the Rio Grande.  

In 2010, the new 1 million gallon per day East Mesa Reclamation Plant became operational. Through advanced treatment processes, the Reclamation Plant cleans and purifies wastewater to meet or exceed water quality standards for “purple pipe” irrigation of nearby parks, golf course, and a local high school.

Utility wastewater facilities have implemented a very successful composting process converting sewage sludge to high-quality beneficial Class "A" compost, available FREE to the public and area farmers. Call 528-3597 for more information.




Adrienne L. Widmer, P.E., Interim Administrator

(575) 528-3515