The Gas Section provides a safe, reliable supply of natural gas to the citizens of Las Cruces. The Gas Section operates and manages a gas system consisting of more than 1,000 miles of gas mains and service lines, while providing service to approximately 40,000 combined residential, commercial and industrial meter connections. Gas is divided into five sub-sections:

  • Construction & Maintenance: Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the system through rehabilitation programs and new construction projects. This sub-section installs gas lines, builds regulator stations and performs gas line repairs.
  • Pressure & Service: Manages and controls the pressures in the system which range from 837 psig in the transmission lines to 0.25 psig at the residential meter. This sub-section also installs gas meters, leak surveys the system, monitors and controls gas odorant levels, and responds to gas leak and carbon monoxide calls.
  • Corrosion Control: Carries out a corrosion control program to protect our metallic pipelines from external, internal and atmospheric corrosion and replaces and repairs corroded sections of pipe as necessary.
  • Locating & Mapping: Provides locating services for the gas system to protect it from excavation damage. This sub-section also develops and maintains the maps of the gas system thru GPS and GIS.
  • Operations & Compliance: Responsible for keeping the Gas Section in compliance with all regulatory requirements and for providing training and certifications for all Gas Section employees.

For new connections or disconnects please contact Customer Service .



Vincent Sanchez, Administrator

Phone: (575) 528-3505