Sustainability Program



The City of Las Cruces' Sustainability Program draws from a well-established sustainability framework, the Triple Bottom Line (TBL). The TBL is designed to help organizations balance economic vitality, environmental health, and social responsibility now  and in the future.

It is a departure from making decisions based solely on the financial bottom-line. It reflects a greater awareness of the impacts of our decisions on the environment, society and the economy - and how those impacts are related. The intersection of economic viability, environmental health, and social responsibility is where sustainability is achieved.


What's New?

The City Council formally adopted the Sustainability Action Plan 2014-2017 on June 16, 2014.

The June, 2014 edition of Sustainability Matters newsletter explores the triple bottom line –economics, environment, and people – in an everyday decision about bottled water.

What's your opinion about which bottle of water is best for every day use? How can we support sustainable practices?

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Sustainability Officer: Lisa LaRocque (

Telephone: 575-541-2502