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Public Works

The Public Works Department is a diversified department that takes pride in its work and directly contributes every day to making Las Cruces the best place to live, play and prosper. It operates on the principle of continuous improvement and we work hard to continually streamline our operations, by examining what we do, why we do it and how we do it so we can achieve more with less. This process is aligned with the City’s strategic goals of being fiscally sustainable and operationally excellent. By operating as we do we will help the City to accomplish its primary goal and make Las Cruces the best place to live.

Public Works builds the City's streets, installs its water lines, gas lines, sewers and storm drains, constructs public buildings and service facilities, and builds and maintains roads and streets. It provides these vital City services through three major program areas:

Contracts Administration protects the City's interest through quality control and contract compliance. This oversight assures that the streets, utility lines, and building contracts for Public Works projects are constructed and administered in accordance with the plans, specifications, state and federal laws and safety provisions to achieve a quality product.

Contracts Administration monitors and authorizes payments to the contractor(s) for acceptable progress, minimizes public liability, ensures public safety and convenience, and certifies that the quality of the finished product meets design standards, all of which contributes to reducing and avoiding future maintenance costs.

Facilities Management provides services related specifically to city structures and buildings. The department includes Land Management Services that addresses rights of way, property acquisitions, easements and city property management. The City’s Sustainability program is located in Facilities Management, and strives to seek a balanced approach for a vibrant community today and for the future.

Project Development manages roadway, street lighting, traffic control, storm drain, water, and wastewater system Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). The Project Development team is responsible for communicating project decisions and commitments throughout the life of a project. Depending on the project, the team may include advisors, consultants, and coordinators, all of who carry out the process from concept to closeout to ensure projects are effectively planned, designed and implemented. Other major services include the management of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) the Community Rating System (CRS), and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

Read our Public Works Strategic 2-Year Plan here.

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