What is an e-book?
An e-Book is a book that is available, fully electronically, via a website on the Internet.

What is an e-book reader? What devices does the service support?
An e-book reader is a portable device that is used to read e-books . These devices include your computer, cell phones, tablets and dedicated e-readers such as a Nook or Kindle, just to name a few. The library's e-book service supports many devices such as the Nook, Nook color, iPad, iPhones and Android tablets. The only device the service does not support at this time is the Kindle. However the Kindle Fire is supported. 

What will I need to use the Library’s e-books?
A Thomas Branigan Library card, a download of free software and a device to read your book. Thomas Branigan Memorial Library will not provide you with a device to use.

How many books can I download?
You are alloted 5 tokens per week. Each book costs a different number of tokens, therefore the number of books available per week depends on their "cost". Unused tokens may roll over to the following week if it is within the same month.

How long can I keep an e-book?
Each book is checked out for two weeks. You may renew books for another two weeks. Renewals usually cost less than the original check out.

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How do I get an e-book?
For detailed instructions, select the type of device you have from the menu on the left side of this screen.