Uniform Services

The Operations Division of the Las Cruces Police Department is the largest division of the police department. Its primary function is to provide police services to the citizens of Las Cruces. The Uniformed Services Division is made up of the following sections:


The most visible portion of the Las Cruces Department Uniformed Services Division is the Patrol Division. The men and women of the Patrol Division are dedicated and trained professionals who handle all types of requests for service from the community. These officers are the first responders to all crimes in progress, traffic crashes, and other emergency situations reported to the police department.


The Special Services Division is a group of dedicated officers who specialize in a specific section of law enforcement are and provided the opportunity and resources to focus of specific challenges in our community. The subdivisions of Special Services are the K-9 Unit, the Gang Unit, and the Targeting Neighborhood Threats (TNT) Unit.


The purpose Traffic is to enhance the safe and efficient movement of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians on or near our city roadways. This is done primarily by enforcement of traffic laws, traffic studies, coordinating of special events and crash investigation and re-construction.