Information Systems and Services

Data Center Operations

The Data Center Operations safeguard the City’s data and servers from physical tampering and catastrophic events. It provides the necessary computing hardware to support the business functions of the City. This includes the planning, procurement and installation of the necessary computing devices.

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Database Administration

Database Administration staff is responsible for the overall integrity, security, and reliability of the City’s database systems. Although most of the City's data are public information, there are however data that are sensitive in nature and require additional protective measures. For example, Personally Identifiable Information qualifies as sensitive and is therefore protected.

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Enterprise Services

In an effort to make accountability more transparent and departmental activities more cohesive the city has elected in utilizing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The principle objectives of an ERP is to aid in organizing, automating and streamlining internal city department tasks and processes through the use of an integrated information application.

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