Fire Stations

Fire Station 1

Fire Station 1, also known as "The Main", protects downtown Las Cruces and is the city's busiest fire station.

"The Main" is also home to Fire Headquarters.

Station 1 is responsible for logistics support. This includes the distribution of medical, station and uniform supplies.

Fire Station 2 

Fire Station 2 protects a diverse area that ranges from the busy retail corridor of El Paseo Street to the quiet neighborhoods of Mesilla Park.

Station 2 is home to the department's Air Management Program (AMP). The program is responsible for servicing the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus' (SCBA) as well as the refilling and maintenance of air cylinders and oxygen bottles.

The Mobile Air Unit based at Station 2 is used to support extended fireground operations with breathing air.

Fire Station 3 

Fire Station 3 provides fire protection and emergency medical services to West Las Cruces. The district is comprised of residential neighborhoods, industrial parks, motels and interstate highway.

Station 3 is also responsible for testing the department's ground ladders.

Fire Station 4 

Station 4 protects Las Cruces' Telshor corridor. The district is home to the areas largest shopping center, Southern New Mexico's two largest hospitals, retirement centers and expanding residential communities.

The Hazardous Materials Response Team is based out of Station 4. The team is responsible for the mitigation of hazmat incidents.

Fire Station 5 

Station 5 protects the neighborhoods of Las Cruces' East Mesa. The area is predominately residential with vast expanses of open desert.

Station 5 is responsible for the department's small engine maintenance program.

Fire Station 6 

Fire Station 6 responds to emergencies in one of Las Cruces' fastest growing areas. The station protects the neighborhoods of Sonoma Ranch, The Highrange, and Las Colinas. The district is home to several retirement and assisted living centers.

The Technical Rescue Team operates out of Station 6. The team is trained and equipped to respond to high/low-angle rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, swift water rescue, and building collapse.

Fire Station 7 

Fire Station 7 is Las Cruces' newest facility. It serves the West Mesa Industrial Park and the Las Cruces International Airport.

The station operates the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting program. Station 7 firefighters are specially trained to respond to aircraft related incidents.