The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the investment of City funds, the processing of all utility payments received by the City, and the administration of General Billing and Accounts Receivable.

Investing City Funds

All City funds are managed under the oversight of the City Treasurer and in accordance with the City’s Investment Policy as adopted in 2005 with the policy goals of safety and soundness, liquidity, and yield, in that order. Allowable investment instruments include securities issued by the U.S. Government and U.S. Government Agencies, investment grade municipal securities, Certificates of Deposit, Repurchase Agreements, Commercial Paper rated in the highest tier, the Local Government Investment Pool managed by the State of New Mexico Investment Council, and any other investment permitted by the laws of New Mexico for municipalities The Treasurer prepares a quarterly report of the status of the City's investment fund. The report includes the fund performance for the quarter and a breakdown by type of securities in the portfolio at the end of the quarter. Additional information can be found in the City Charter, Division 2 Investment Policy: Investment of public funds, § 5.11.

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