Landlord and Tenant Relations

The Community Development Department has developed the “Landlord/Tenant Relations” Handbook which is intended to be useful guide for both renters and landlords about their rights and responsibilities under the New Mexico Uniform Owner-Residents Relations Act, more commonly known as the “Landlord-Tenant Law.”

The City developed a brochure in Englishand Spanish that is available to residents who are renters or who own property that they rent to others. The brochures highlight:

  • Rental Agreement requirements
  • Deposit information
  • Landlord and tenant obligations
  • Right of entry limitations
  • Remedies and corrections available to both the tenant and landlord
  • An overview of Going to Court for any disputes
  • Fair Housing Laws/Discrimination Prohibitions

For more information, call Community Development Department at 575-528-3022.

New Mexico Legal Aid has an extensive and informative Renter’s Guide: A Handbook for Tenants and Landlords in both English and Spanish.

Additional Resources

Law Access New Mexico
7200 Montgomery Blvd. NE, #279

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New Mexico Legal Aid
600 E.Montana, Ste. D, LCNM 88001

Click Here for the Online training module for New Mexico Landlord/Tenant Relations.