Economic Development

The City's Economic Development Office works to support and grow businesses in Las Cruces by providing 1-on-1 support to existing businesses as well as start-up business and those looking to relocate or expand to Las Cruces.  Learn more about how you and your business can thrive here! 


Our Services:

Business Assistance and Information: Where can I locate my business?  Which codes and regulations apply?  Where can I get business support services? 

Business Data: Information and strategic advice including customized demographic and market reports.

West Mesa Industrial Park: The City of Las Cruces is the developer of the West Mesa Industrial Park which is located on Interstate 10, eight miles west of downtown Las Cruces and immediately south of the Las Cruces International Airport


New Information Now Online:

I’m pleased to announce the City of Las Cruces’ fresh initiative to better serve our business community by making local entrepreneurs aware of the many free and low-cost services that exist to help them succeed.   A Business Resource section has been added to the Economic Development website as part of that effort.  


The site now features links to public and private organizations that offer personalized assistance, low-cost loans, grants, training, networking, technical support and other services — some at no cost to you.  We’ve included guidelines for how to develop a business plan and what steps to follow to put that plan into motion.   The City’s website also links to Finance New Mexico, a website that features a Help Center through which you can get personalized guidance and answers to common questions about employment law or the advantages of becoming an incorporated business, for example.