Apodaca Blueprint Project 2017 to 2018

About the Project

The adopted Apodaca Blueprint Plan provides both public and private development and investment guidance with an overall implementation strategy. In addition to the vision and objectives of the plan, this strategy includes a future land use and development program and an implementation action plan. The program outlined in the Blueprint constitutes an overall future development plan, street system scheme, focus area development plans and maps, and conceptual site plans for the identified focus areas.

The Blueprint action plan provides the means to facilitate neighborhood conservation, area reinvestment and inclusive revitalization. Elements and strategies of the action plan include the categories of financial investment, operational change, policy revisions, regulation adoption and on-going study of the plan area.

The Apodaca Blueprint represents a balance of stakeholder input, neighborhood and community input, consideration of technical and site-specific issues and City Council policy represented in the Las Cruces Comprehensive Plan, Strategic Plan, and other related planning and development documents. The vision, goals and policies of the Blueprint promote both current trends and best practices in the planning field. Check out the Adopted Apodaca Blueprint (PDF).

More Information

For more information, contact David Weir of the Community Development Department by calling 575-528-3066 or by emailing David Weir.