Health-Related Public Services

About the Program

The Health-Related Public Services program is currently funded by the City of Las Cruces in the amount of $300,000. Eligible projects are defined as those that “support the physical, mental, developmental, emotional or social continued well-being, safety, or improvement to the lives of sick, indigent or low-income people.”

The program allows for funding of a broad spectrum of public services that prevents or improves a health-related condition of an individual or family of low-to-moderate income, such as Health/Mental Health Programs (includes direct treatment, prevention and intervention, and education), Food and Nutrition Programs, Homeless Services, and other Social Services efforts. Services that provide animal care, such as spaying and neutering of domestic pets, are not eligible for future Health-Related Public Services funding.

Applicant Information

Each potential applicant must be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves clients within the Las Cruces city limits. A Letter of Intent (LOI) will be emailed to area-wide non-profit organizations and citywide information and referral websites for maximum distribution.

The Health–Related Public Services Application process begins with the Letter of Intent process in November or December of each odd-numbered year. For more information call Housing and Family Services at 575-528-3022 or email Housing and Family Services.